Posted on February 19, 2014 at 2:30 pm

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Bohemia’s Rooh(Soul): Remix video released feat. Pardhaan

Bohemia, The Punjabi Rapper impressed his audience and fans with a slightly different track with Rooh. His soulful, yet romantically aggressive track goes within the lyrics and makes you cringe. A lyrically talented Hindi rapper from Karnal, Haryana who goes by the name of Pardhaan pens down for the official remix to Rooh and very positively compliments to what Bohemia has released. Pardhaan, who is very well respected amongst the underground Desi Urban scene has provided hits like Tune Kyun and Bhootstar prior to this release. Rooh:Remix is what happens when The Punjabi Rapper & The Hindi Rapper come together.

Bohemia & JuggyD were recently interviewed by UrbanAsian host, Monty (@montyislive) in India – catch the complete interview HERE:

bohemia pardhaan

Watch the full video of Rooh right here –