Posted on December 7, 2013 at 5:53 am

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Saini Surinder and Gupsy Aujla team up for The Bindrakhia Tribute!

E3UK have the pleasure to present a special tribute to the legend of Punjabi music; Surjit Bindrakhia. Sung by Saini Surinder, and produced by Gupsy Aujla ‘Bindrakhia Tribute’ is set to release 19th December worldwide. The single is available now to pre order on iTunes!

Bindrakhia Tribute - CD Cover - Press

 Saini Surinder is already riding high on the success of the international hit ‘Rendeh’, which saw him team up with Dr Zeus in early 2013. The ‘Bindrakhia Tribute’ will see Saini Surinder end the year in a similar fashion. A unique collaboration between UK’s finest musicians, the song re-creates the best moments of the iconic Surjit Bindrakhia’s musical heritage. The ‘Bindrakhia Tribute’ once again brings together one of the most prolific duos in modern Punjabi Music; Saini Surinder and Gupsy Aujla. Having already delivered a plethora of hit singles including; ‘Bhangra’, ‘Get Funky’ ‘Sida Sada’ and ‘Gabru Rangeeleh’. The music maestro Gupsy Aujla delivers an outstanding musical performance, delivering justice to the iconic lyrics first penned by Shamsher Sandhu.

The tribute, dedicated to arguably the great Panjabi singer of all time, Surjit Bindrakhia, who’s untimely death in 2003 left a monstrous void in modern Punjabi music. The ‘Bindrakhia Tribute’ sees Saini Surinder re-live the timeless classics of Surjit Bindrakhia 10 years on. With classics such as ‘Yaar Bolda’, ‘Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da’ & ‘Bas Kar Bas Kar’ all re-produced and re-sung in this tribute.

With all the music produced by Gupsy Aujla, ‘Bindrakhia Tribute’ also features a number of talented individuals including; Jatinder Singh Shergill (Sarangi), Juggy Rihal (Tabla , Dholki and Additional Dhol), Paul Sampson (Guitar), Jelly Manjitpuri, Shiv Marli & Team (Backing vocals) and Tom Lowry (Mixing – Planet Studios)

Speaking on the tribute, Saini Surinder states;

“Surjit Bindrakhia is my idol. Growing up, he was the one singer that I looked up to. I studied at the same college in Punjab as Surjit Bindrakhia, so he was always my inspiration when I first began to sing & still is to this day. This tribute for me is a very special song and I wanted to make sure it was done in a special way. I have tried to deliver my best vocal abilities to try and do justice to the great hit songs. But there is no one better than the original Surjit Bindrakhia – he will always be No.1. I want to thank E3UK & Hi-Tech Music for making this project possible – and also Gupsy Aujla & the whole team behind the music for another great production!!”

Saini Surinder and Gupsy Aujla – Bindrakhia Tribute – Out Thursday 19th December on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music and all other leading digital platforms, be sure to get it!

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