Posted on December 2, 2013 at 9:39 pm

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DEEP JANDU Feat. DJ Surinder Rattan – IN 2 DEEP – Nishana Trailer!

VIP Records will be releasing the highly anticipated album from the Canadian phenom Deep Jandu entitled ‘In 2 Deep’.  This album will feature 8 tracks produced by internationally renowned DJ Surinder Rattan.

The tag team of DJ Surinder Rattan and Deep Jandu brings together 2 sheer talents.  Deep’s hard hitting voice made it seamless for Surinder to be able to work with this young talented man.

“Working together while sitting in different countries seemed like such a difficult task at first, but Deep being such a versatile, trained yet natural artist, each step felt like sharing the same studio”.

Deep Jandu

Deep has the training and the ability to provide that versatility in his music, which is a rare gem in this age.  The previous 3 singles released titled Dil Tera, Janeh Jaana and the forthcoming Nishana (which are inclusive of the album), demonstrate this trait, and is what has led the listeners to great anticipation of this release. From romantic tracks to house bangers, from sad songs to folk bhangra, In 2 Deep pleases all types of musical likings.  Working with various different writers and features for each track, DJ Surinder Rattan has definitely composed a master piece.


In this new era of online media, Deep has gone above and beyond, in providing the viewers with a unique concept for each music video.  We’ve seen glow in the dark/night vision, scenes overlooking from a cliff, the sunny west coast…. and the rest will have to be a surprise.  Setting new trends and raising the bar, Deep Jandu featuring. DJ Surinder Rattan, In 2 Deep out December 5th 2013.


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