Posted on December 20, 2013 at 12:28 am

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Canada's Rebecca Nazz releases her brand new music video for the remix of “Indian Boy" Featuring Apache Indian

Canadian Singer and song writer Rebecca Nazz releases her brand new music video for the remix of “Indian Boy” featuring Apache Indian. Electrifying from start to finish Rebecca Nazz’s material has an uplifting pop feel. Check out the video!

In the music video for “Indian Boy” she depicts the message that we cannot judge a person’s character from a person’s job status and subtle mannerisms should not be overlooked. The audience witnesses a witty girl’s journey to on finding her “Indian Boy” or “the one;” as it unravels the story of controlling mannerisms of a rich business man on a date, which leads the girl to storm out and later find love in an unthinkable way. Nazz and world renowned Reggae artist Apache Indian deliver their parts as onlookers, with comedic relief during Apache Indian’s feature verse -where Nazz is caught enjoying the beat without working headphones. The server played by DJ A-Slam of Vancouver is later revealed as the Indian Boy who is able to win the heart of the girl.

“Unlike your typical pop junkie video with lots of skin and steamy scenes, this video draws on a simple dating scene to get the message across which makes this video unique” states Nazz.

Nazz was fortunate to have local Toronto venues provide venues for the indie project, including Artisano Bakery and Café in Missisauga, Markaz Café and Shisha Lounge, DLM Entertainment and DJ Karim of Empire Entertainment. The original song was written by Nazz and her friend Pranita in a local coffee shop in an unplanned meet up from casual conversation about guys. Originally produced by Vikas Kohli of Fatlabs the song released two years ago and Nazz had the opportunity to perform at the largest South Asian Festival in Canada, desiFest, World Partnership Walk, Carrasauga Festival of Cultures, Urban Noise, South Asian Festival and more.

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Nazz has been profiled on OMNI TV with Bollywood Boulevard, Masala Canada with CBC radio, Brit Asia TV, UK, Desi Fashion Magazine, South Asian Generation Next, Anokhi and Star Buzz Weekly. In 2014 Nazz will be releasing new collection Soul Pop music on her EP “Soldier” and additional videos while working on global market releases for the “Indian Boy” music video.