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The Movember Moustache by Asgar Saboo!

As October is here, we only have two weeks left till November! You know what that means don’t you? The Movember Moustache is here! Find out ‘How to grow and maintain the perfect Movember moustache.

A moustache takes time, preparation and patience so why not get one step ahead with Asgar’s expert advice below.

Essential Tools Before You Start:

  • Little Comb
  • Moustache Wax
  • Small Scissors
  • Single Blade Razor
  • Colored Shaving Gel


Timing is Crucial:
There is always a phase in the hair growing stage where the hairs are sprouting but you are not left at the most handsome of stages.  You generally are looking at growing a full on beard at the beginning so you are able to neaten in the edges with a shave to create the preferred shape.  If you work, try starting on a weekend when you are not as bothered about upholding a smart appearance.  Hopefully by the time you are at the office you will have ridden yourself of the itchy and awkward stages and trimmed down the edges into the appearance of the perfect ‘Mo’.

What Style?
Remember your face shape when choosing a style for the month.  We can’t all pull off the ‘Tom Selleck’ and ‘Pencil’ so make sure to strike a balance between your face shape and the style you choose.

  • Square Face – opt for the heavy long moustache
  • Oval Face – opt for a medium width with a triangular shape

Neat and Tidy is the way forward
Keep your moustache neatly trimmed at all stages in order to take the vital shape on your face and help avoid looking like an over grown yetti.  Use small shaping scissors to ensure you remove any stray hairs and trim around the bottom to ensure it is level with the lip line, not over it.

The Moisturizing Spa Treatment:
In the windy weather, the skin becomes extremely dry under the facial hair where the hair tends to mop up the moisture for evaporation purposes.  Therefore, look for a good face moisturizer and use your fingertips to regularly nourish the skin under your facial hair.

Now for the Comb:

You brush your hair so why would you neglect the ‘tash’?  Splash out on a moustache comb, one small enough to keep in one’s pocket in order to maintain the suave look on the go.

 Moustaches 3x. His and Hers.Muttsnutts

Keep your Mo Tash Washed:

If you are not a regular to the hairy upper lip, then make sure you look out for those stray bits of food that will absorb into the upper lip hair not only causing an unsightly appearance but producing some roaming odors also. Wash your face regularly with soap paying particular attention to your ‘tash’.

Wax On:

Moustache wax is a must have.  Available in all your local shops, it is incredibly handy for taming strays, holding styles and defining the shape when out and about.  Apply a small amount of wax to your fingertips taking the most upmost care not to use too much and apply evenly on the moustache.  Use the wax to shape the moustache to the desired effect.


The Shave:

Take a warm shower ahead of the big shape shave as this will soften hairs making them easier to cut.  Once out of the shower, dry you face with a towel and apply a color shaving gel which will allow you to see the outlines you are creating with the razor.

Credit: Asgar:

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