Posted on November 16, 2013 at 1:35 pm

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Thank You Sachin!

The title says it all! The name says it all. Over 1.3 billion people watched as Sachin made his way to play the match of the game he loves, breathes and plays! Cricket! Will cricket ever be the same without him? Will India keep watching no matter what? We know everyone grew up playing cricket in the back of their house or in the park and even on the road. Actors played cricket while taking breaks from shooting a film or even writing movies about cricket. The man who taught us not to give up ends his favorite game that he enjoys playing. Cricket. People called him “God Of Cricket”. Fans cried and smiled for him. Billions fasted for him and prayed for him. When he got sick, people of India would pray that he got better.


Today he spoke about cricket and thanking everyone for his journey. He cried, we cried. He smiled, we smiled. He scored, we yelled Sachin Sachin! India lives and breathes cricket. It’s like America living for NFL or NBA all over again and again. We enjoy sports and sports make us happy. People across the globe stayed up late  just to watch him play a match of cricket. Many even called off work to watch him play. Can you blame them? He is he “God Of Cricket”. As many won’t agree, he has an extensive list of achievements. One which everyone will remember for years to come. 200 Runs! That 200 runs made a huge impact on his life and every fan of Cricket will remember that moment. He is the Michael Jordan of India!

Many people put together video tributes about him and this one made us cry. Check out the Thank You Sachin video – A tribute by Google+ and India!


To watch his amazing farewell speech, watch the video below. Be ready to cry. Bring a box of kleenex. It will surely make you cry.

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