Posted on November 11, 2013 at 11:14 pm

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

Shah Rukh Khan uses TechnoShape to get his Abs back!

Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan celebrated his 48th Birthday by treating himself to a TechnoShape. The award winning ‘King of Bollywood’ intends to use the  TechnoShape to get back his abs, tweeting “My new gizmo for abs…the TechnoShape. Now u just wait and see…yeah!!”. He will use his new TechoShape alongside his normal aerobic exercise.


Also being used by Coleen Rooney, Simon Cowell and Sinitta, Technoshape is a unique device because it uses “Pressure Pause Therapy” to stimulate circulation and enhance fat-burning around the midriff area. The midriff area is usually the place where people have the most difficulty losing weight. But with this amazing technology, Technoshape targets this area helping to create a defined, toned shape. Technoshape is very appealing because it shows results in just three forty-minute sessions per week. We all know that we live in a society, where everyone wants fast results and this product is the correct solution for all of our fitness problems. Not to be mistaken as your typical quick-fix product; this is a quality device, which really does produce amazing results.


If that wasn’t enough, Technoshape is also great for your health. Pressure Pause Therapy has also been designed to support the natural movement of the digestive system and increase circulation, which can also boost the lymphatic and venous flow.


Hassle-free, it can easily fit into your established aerobic fitness regime. You can easily fit it into your regular cardiovascular routine, along with a healthy diet. You don’t have to create a separate routine for it, which is very useful.  It is also very easy to use, where you simply fix the chamber belt around your waist and follow the on screen instructions. Appealing to a wide market, this device is unisex and will give amazing results to both men and women, and with its fantastic design it makes using this product even more pleasurable.

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