Posted on November 14, 2013 at 4:04 am

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Sachin Sachin Sachin!

The title says it all! When you read his name you think god of cricket! We all had our favorite cricket player but todays current generation loves seeing Sachin Tendulkar hit those runs and scoring major wins! When he wins, girls cry and well men, some men get jealous as he is the love of nearly ever woman who loves cricket! Can you blame him? He is one of the best players in India. These past few days billions of fans have been celebrating his victory and his years of accomplishment!




Now when we think tributes we think musicians who have played some of the best songs, am I right? Well not exactly, the word tribute doesn’t only refer to musicians or actors but to sport athletes who have done much for the country. Well that is what one amazing band did for Sachin Tendulkar to tribute his work and sing a song about him.

AlphaNomega is an upcoming universal band, motivated by music and creativity. A combination of inspirations from east and the west gives way to a refreshing and unique form of fusion music. This novel sound evokes the exotic Asian influence and seamlessly intertwines it with Britpop, creating a catchy and innovative mix. The London influences are more subtle, creating a commercial and universally appealing brand of World music. The band name is clearly derived from the amalgamation of genres; the music an unforgettable articulation of the beginning and the end. The band put together an amazing song called “Aap Ko Salaam” meaning Hats off to you for Sachin! Check it out and tell us what you think!

As they celebrate his work and his past games and current ones, today will be the last test match Sachin Tendulkar plays in India. You would think Millions are watching this game, wrong! Billions are watching this game today for the love of Sachin! People rooting and shouting Sachin Sachin Sachin. Millions of tweets every second with hashtags of #ThankYouSachin or #Sachin #SachinSachin. India who has a major love for Cricket will cry for joy but also cry of sadness as he retires in the game of Cricket. Check out this music video Alpha Nomega has put together in honor of Sachin Tendulkar!

How will you remember him in cricket? What are some of your favorite memories of Sachin? Tweet us at @urbanasian or comment below! We want to hear your thoughts!


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