Posted on November 4, 2013 at 2:30 am

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Goa to Get a Dose of Mumbai's 'Chudail' at Cavala This Saturday

Mumbai based pop-rock band The Chudail and Demons (TCAD) will be rocking North Goa at Cavala on Saturday, November 9th.


TCAD was formed this year by NRI vocalist-lyricist-composer Amanda Sodhi who moved from Los Angeles to Mumbai. This energetic band features several seasoned musicians including Shrikant Sreenivasan (guitars), Pratik Kulgod (drums, percussion) and Anish Nair (bass). TCAD is releasing a five-track EP titled ‘Trouble‘ this month along with two videos. The Chudail and Demons has an entertaining and large collection of originals and covers in both English and Hindi drawing from various genres. Their original compositions’ lyrics have a witty streak which leaves audiences smiling. The band feels as more people hear their catchy compositions and relate to the contemporary lyrics, the innovative positioning of “chudail” as a strong-willed, candid woman will resonate.


Within just a few months of formation, this female fronted band has already performed in Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala at several prestigious venues including The Blue Frog, Out of the Blue, 11th East Street Café, Kino 108, Kaifi Azmi Park, Della Adventure and COHO Bohemia at India Fine Arts Gallery. Show up at Cavala in Goa, India  this Saturday 9pm onward for a memorable evening full of music that will rock your weekend!


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