Posted on October 31, 2013 at 1:47 am

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Raje Shwari tells you to "Get Your Life!"

For Rajé Shwari‘s cult following from her Timbaland days, this might seem like a long overdue comeback, but to a brand new audience globally, this marks the day that a fresh new ingenue arrives on the international landscape ready to set the musical airwaves on fire and represent her culture to the fullest. After a few brief appearances and leaked songs from her pending studio album in the last 2 years, Rajé Shwari has finally released her long awaited new single accompanied with a hot music video entitled “Get Your Life” as her official debut on BollyHood Records! Check it out!

The song, “Get Your Life” is an innovative urban flavored dance number that kicks off with a driving dhol beat and sitar riff, quickly fusing with contemporary dance and pop while summoning cultures to collide and throw a worldwide party together. And the lyrics, while undeniably catchy, convey a universal message to be ‘comfortable in your own skin.’ Raje tells you to embrace all that makes you unique!


The music video for “Get Your Life,” was shot by Paul Coy Allen (known for his work with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Drake). It’s a colorful, eye catching visual packed with people of all backgrounds, Rajé’s one-of-a-kind style, and the most vibrant of colors including the hot pink “LIFE” size letters, which she dances in and out of. Rajé’s undeniable star quality translates through the screen with each and every shot. Talking about her new track, Rajé Shwari said,

“This song and video is something I’m so proud of, just because of everything that it represents. It’s a new sound, it has a message and it’s so much fun to listen to and watch; the colors, the unique faces, the dancers, it has a really great energy that I feel like includes everybody, and that’s what music is all about, isn’t it? It may just seem like a catchy song with the ‘La La Las’ in it, but anything that brings people together is always going to be my mission. There’s no better platform than music to send a bigger message, that we are all in this human experience together.”


GYL-Single-Cover-300x300.Being American born and raised, but still growing up in a traditional Gujarati household, she says her love of pop music and her fascination with her Indian roots allowed her to ‘find her identity’ and make her way. With this long awaited debut of her single “Get Your Life,” she invites everyone to embrace their culture, their heritage, and their uniqueness, and join her on her journey to the top with Rajé Shwari’s BollyHood Movement! The single is a FREE DOWNLOAD on Soundcloud right now and hits iTunes November 5th!

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