Posted on September 27, 2013 at 11:27 pm

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Nina Davuluri courageously overpowers the 'Racism' expressed towards her!

In a world that is so highly competent and culturally diverse, one finds it disturbing and shocking to understand that the issue of Racial Discrimination still very much exists within the insensitive minds & hearts of many people. Racism as a subject, has been widely discussed, debated upon and given a global platform to eradicate it’s painful circumstances which divides Society as a whole.


Speaking of discrimination, Indian born in America(New York) , Nina Davuluri faced a harsh, unexpected and insensitive outlash from a large section of people after she was crowned Miss America 2014, less than a month back. It was a night that belonged to a honest, simple and ambitious girl, who’s biggest dream turned reality when she was crowned on the big stage as the First ever Indian descent, to be Miss America. It was a matter of pride and admiration to see a South Asian standing out in a crowd to make a remarkable name for herself.


However sadly, the morning after she became Miss America, stirred up such anger and discrimination from a large section of White American viewers, who thought that it was unfair and not right to crown the Miss America title to a brown skin contestant. Some of the ignorant & harsh comments that people voiced on Twitter and other Social Media platforms were “Miss America is brought by their sponsors PF Changs and 7-11”, “This is America. Not India”, “Miss America is a terrorist. Whatever. It’s fine”. Just by the sheer negativity and uneducated discrimination, it reinstates the level of ignorance with which a large section of backward thinking people function their everyday lives with.


To her credit & strong willed nature to withstand such a negative response, Nina Davuluri courageously came on air and said ,”It was something I wasn’t surprised about. I’d experienced those same kind of remarks when I’d won Miss New York and I knew if I won Miss America it would happen again”. Post this incident, the Indian community in America and across the world, have expressed their joy, happiness and respect for Nina Davuluri, in not letting such ridiculous harshness spoil her tremendous historic achievement.

We live in era of time which consists of 7 billion people with multiple diverse cultures and practices. And with such intellectual practices that one strives for in their lives, it is the duty of human to not only respect the dynamics of every culture, but to embrace, accept and celebrate the beauty that the culture offers.

Nina Davuluri, Miss New York 2013

How else can we ever expect to call ourselves Sensitive Global Citizens?!

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