Posted on August 2, 2013 at 5:32 pm

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Veena Malik Silk Sakkath Hot Maga releases on August 2

Bollywood bombshell Veena Malik is always in the news for something or the other, and this time it is to promote her new film!  She is not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to promotion for her upcoming movie “Silk Sakkath Hot Maga”!  The film releases everywhere August 2 and is likely to release in 140 screens in Karnataka.

Recently Veena was seen at Bangaluru promoting her movie along with co-star Akshay.  She was looking very glamorous and was seen wearing a lacy flowing skirt.  Veena portrays the title character Silk.  The movie will show you 10 emotions including happiness, sadness, comedy, suspense, love, action and romance. The film also tackles some heavy subjects like AIDS and eye-donation.

Speaking about the movie, Veena Malik said,

“People think that Silk Sakkath Hot is hot and glamour and I agree with it. But it has lot of sensuous scenes which you see in the songs. Silk is a story of a girl and what happens in her life. People will be moved to tears in the climax. There is a different kind of feel in Silk Sakkath Hot for which you when you watch the movie. I want to thank to all my fans to support me. I’m eagerly waiting for the movie to hit the screens.”

Veena is obviously going ga ga over the character she played in the film.  Are you too?

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