Posted on August 11, 2013 at 4:54 pm

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Aar Naachle by Gurvinder Singh!

Global Sound Records are proud to present “Aar Nachle” the first single from the forthcoming album “The Cure” By Gurvinder Singh. “Aar Nachle” is now out!  This single introduces the producer Gurvinder Singh into the music industry with a 12 track album ready to drop at the end of the year.

Gurvinder Singh, was born and raised in Leicester and has always had a passion for music from a young age. At the age of 15 he would spend endless hours after school learning how to mix songs. At the age of 18 he began producing beats and studying music production as a hobby.

The first track he produced after his studies was “Aar Nachle” which features a variety of beat patterns with an interesting Dhol accompaniment by the renowned percussionist Bhupinder Singh (Tubsy) as well as the soft vocals of Meet Malkit. Gurvinder is also keen to point out the video has been based around the vocalist who has done a brilliant job bringing to life the emotions of the track.


The song is a through and through Bhangra song with traditional elements to it which is going to work on the dance floor. The album itself has taken over four years of hard work to create, as Gurvinder was completing his education at the same time.

“When I started to work on Aar Nachle I never knew I started the journey to make an album. The initial idea was to just create the one track and release this as a single. However, as I completed this track I wanted to make another and another and so on …I therefore felt an album would be the only way I could put across the different styles of music I love creating.” – Gurvinder Singh

Gurvinder’s only previous single featured the likes of Raxstar and Genuine Soundz, receiving critical acclaim and continuous airplay from Nihal on Radio 1. Tell us what you think of the track?

Aar Nachle releases 25th July 2013, roll up your sleeve and prepare to be injected with Bhangra!

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