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‘Dukh Bhanjani Sahib’ – The magical eradicator of sorrow.

Daler Mehndi has always been able to positively influence us via his music.  He began as a Punjabi bhangra artist, moved into the realm of pop, and now is back to his devotional roots.  We have all heard his music and felt the positive vibes they emit.  It is a scientifically proven fact that the vibratory frequency of words has a direct impact on the nervous system.  Words are sounds that are decoded by the brain judged and interpreted into thoughts, expressions and feeling thus enabling an action.

Dukhbhanjani Sahib 1200 x1200

Positive, affirmative words and prayers yield calming and healing vibrations which have a profound effect on our nervous system. The vibratory frequency of the naad (“essence of all sound”) works on the meridians of our body and according to yoga masters, can penetrate as deep as the DNA to alter or cause any change in the habit(s), as well as to remove any impediments that hinder good health.

These prayer words (shabads) are uttered and written by the Fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji who compiled the AdiGranth, the Living Guru of the Sikhs. The AdiGranth is composed in 31 Raagas with each raaga compliments the words such – that the journey of the seeker becomes easy. All the seeker listening or reading these words has to add from his side, is an iota of faith, perseverance and patience of not leaving the path -come what may and humility. Raag Gauri auto invokes contemplation, Sorath instills cheer and faith removing fears and filling the mind and body with bliss and finally Bilawal gives one a conviction of assured happiness.

It is believed, that as one starts reading these magical Shabads, one can be assured to get rid of legal hassles, terminal diseases, loses in business, lack of success, lack of emotional support, public respect, reconciling lost relationships, pain and sorrow of all kinds.

Sound travels faster through a liquid medium.  So, it is thought that water, if kept in a glass while reciting and meditating on these Shabads, will become richer with healing properties.  Drinking it, rids one of many serious ailments.

DRecords patron and the maverick Pop Icon, Daler Mehndi renders the Shabads soul stirringly in Raags Gauri, Sorath and Bilawal showcasing his musical prowess.  Purchase the album and start listening to his renditions!  Who knows, they may just bring you some good energy and luck!

The Album is available on and also available on ITunes, AmazonNokia and many others.

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