Posted on June 6, 2013 at 5:10 pm

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Satish Reddy and Haroon Rashid wants to interact with ghost!

Not many people have the courage to interact with ghosts so imagine our surprise when none other than the makers of “Super Natural” movie Producer Satish Reddy and Director Haroon Rashid want to contact ghosts! “Super Natural” is the worlds longest and India’s first one take Bollywood horror movie!

Super Natural Horror Movie

The movie pays tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema and it was shot in just 2 hours and 20 minutes! The movie was completed in one take without a single cut with a crew of 17 people. The movie is also listed in Limca Book of Records and it is also attempting for Guinness World Record!  Satish Reddy said,

Ghost is a very interesting topic for me and there is too much curiosity in me to study more about a ghost. I would love to interact with a ghost and I’ll make a questionnaire first.”

Ghost stories are related to famous people and events using a mixture of experts and dramatic reconstructions of both the supernatural events and the history underlying them. Haroon Rashid said,

“It’s a very tough job for every director to make believe their audience on ghost. We try to make them feel real. Only a best director know who peoples gets scary it just be possible by having a Chit Chat with ghost.”

Do you believe in ghosts? Be sure to keep it locked on Urban Asian for more news on this unique new flick!

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