Posted on June 29, 2013 at 2:49 am

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Mickey Singh gives you his “Mick’Stape”

So it’s not any other CD but it’s not any other track it’s a collaboration of tracks produced by some talented people which make one massive “Mick’stape.” What is a Mick’stape you ask? Singer Mickey Singh’s latest project! He’s finally released it for free on soundcloud!Mick'sTape Front

The tracks include producer Waseem Stark and singers PropheC, Asim Azhar, DJ Ice, Rashi Sood, and Amar Sandhu. Not only is it a different mix of genres but also a variety of English and Hindi and Punjabi all on one album! Hey it’s a win win situation with all languages! Check out the full album and download on his website  here!  You can also check it out on SoundCloud! Get your hearing on with Mickey’s Mick’Stape!

Taking Urban Music to another level the mixtape sure shows a diverse approach and has it’s great tracks that just want to make you press repeat once again. His music energetic and smooth at the same time creatively laces the best of east and west in a way that audiences everywhere can relate to. On stage Mickey creatively incorporates Hip Hop and Bhangra dance and is sure to get you out of your seats.


Mick'sTape Back

Mickey Singh was born and raised in India and Mickey began singing at the tender age of 3. After moving to the US at 14 Mickey explored his musical creativity and developed an artistic blend of South Asian and western sounds. Mickey Singh family was very passionate about his work and gain full support from his family to pursue his artistic passion when he recognized the importance of heritage and culture no matter where you might live in the world!

Not being afraid to think outside the box, this singer, songwriter and producer is a breath of fresh-air in a market of overly commercial manufactured sounds. Let us know which tune is your favorite and if you love Mickey’s “MicksTape!”

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