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Interview with Prabhudeva and Girish Kumar of Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Prabhudeva’s latest directorial comes out this July with Shruti Haasan, Sonu Sood and introducing Girish Kumar. We got a chance to speak to both Prabhudeva and Girish Kumar and got an inside peek on the film, their thoughts and experiences!

Interview with Prabhudeva:

Which is your most favorite choreography of yourself – Muqabla or Urvashi?



Who would you love to choreograph that you have not yet – both Bollywood & Hollywood?

I would like to work with all. No names in particular.

Direction, Dancing or Acting – the better of the three?

Dancing and Choreography will always be my first love

What was the most difficult transition into becoming a director?

Direction takes up so much time. You have to be involved in all aspects of film making: casting, costumes, music sitting, editing so you have very little time for family. You have to travel so much for location recce, shoots. I had to shift base from Chennai to Mumbai. Staying away from my kids has been the most difficult for me.

Wanted was your first Hindi film, full of masala and everything that Bollywood comprises of and since then you have made very Bollywood films – an particular reason for that?

Nothing Like that. Whatever the producer demands I follow instructions and deliver accordingly and people also love Masala films no? What the audience loves we’ll make.

What is your latest venture, Ramaiya Vastavaiya exactly about and your reason for the title of the film?

Ramaiya Vastavaiya in Telugu means Ram will you come. The male protagonist’s name is Ram in the movie so the title fit perfectly well

Pairing a North Indian boy with a South Indian girl, how did that work out in the film?

Since Girish is a new boy, we needed an actress who would suit him and we casted Shruti. Shruti is known in Bollywood and she fit the bill for her character we didn’t actually think of South or North in the process.

How did you come up with the concept of Hip Hop Pammi?

We needed a fun peppy number for this one situation in the film. Sachin Jigar gave this idea, we liked it and approved it.

hiphop pammi

Most special/memorable moment on or off sets of the film?

Working with Randhir Kapoor and Vinod khanna sir since they are veterans. 


Interview with Girish Kumar Taurani:

How is it working with Prabhudheva, our very own Dancing legend and now ace director with Hits after Hits?

It was a pleasure and I couldn’t have asked for a better launch. He has been a great mentor and had a memorable experience

Being the son of a producer and someone well established industry, what was any criticism like and how did you get past it?  

Well I have been fortunate that Prabhudheva and Kumar Taurani my father had so much faith in me to give me an opportunity. And all the feedback has been positive for which I am grateful.

gaurish 3

Describe some of the initial struggles you had in the industry.

Despite having an opportunity I had to earn my salt. Only after convincing Prabhudheva and my father through a screen test I was given a nod. And it was always a tough task to perform upto Prabhudheva’s expectation for which I had to do dance classes, learn surfing and get in good shape.

Hip Hop Pammi looks great in Ramaiya Vastavaiya, what is the best thing you like about the song and its dance?

Thanks. I think the energy and cuteness between me and Shruti is really appealing.

How is working opposite Kamal Hassan’s daughter – Shruti Hassan?

She was an absolute pleasure to work with and she has done a fantastic job. She was thorough professional and multi talented. 


Best moment off camera/behind the scenes that we do not get to see on the screen? 

Everything was so memorable I cannot forget any moment.

Where do we see more of Girish in the future? 

Inshallah lots of movies. 

You are already a heartthrob with the females – how does that feel?

I am very happy and honored. I hope I live up to their expectations 

gaurish 4

Director/actress you would love to work with?

No hang-ups good makers with good scripts


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