Posted on May 6, 2013 at 10:55 pm

Indian TV What's Happenin'

Get more of the Zee Network in the UK!

The world’s largest South Asian TV Network – ZEE Network – will be increasing its reach to UK wide audiences with the launch of two more of its channels, Zing and Zee Café, on Virgin Media from 1st May 2013.

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By popular demand, UK’s no 1 Asian Lifestyle Channel Zing will now be available to enjoy on the platform on Channel 813. Zing is the one-stop for all round complete entertainment. With local shows, Bollywood entertainment, Hollywood insights, movies, music, drama, reality shows and more, it covers an innovative blend of programs that make it unique in the British Asian space. The channel aims to go where its audience is, across multiple platforms, including millions of Virgin Media homes, Sky, Freesat, Yamgo Mobile, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


Virgin Media viewers will now be able to catch the UK’s first ever British Asian drama Cloud 9 on Zing, Mon-Fri 6:30pm and 10:30pm. Setting a record in the South Asian Entertainment space, Cloud 9 is an English drama series. The series highlights various aspects that make a special town called ‘Cloud 9’, showcasing the important British Asian values of family life, aspirations, tradition and modernity.

Zee Café will be available to watch on Channel 811, catering to the entire family’s entertainment needs, boasting a mix of entertainment for everyone, including soaps, historic dramas, mythology, news, lifestyle, horror, cookery, movies and business. Both channels will be making high quality content available to Virgin Media’s Pay TV subscribers and will be an addition to ZEE’s subscription channels already on Virgin Media’s Asian Mela Pack: Zee TV, Zee Cinema and Zee Punjabi.

Archana Kanade, Business Head – Free-To-Air Channels, said,

“ZEE has a plethora of quality content with an appeal to a wide range of audience groups and in formats not available on other stations. We are delighted that South Asians watching via Virgin Media will now have access to the full offering of ZEE Network in the UK with the addition of the fast-paced glamorous programming of Zing and the all-time favorite soaps of Zee Café.”

Be sure to get the new Zee Network channels if you’re in the UK!

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