Posted on April 13, 2013 at 1:39 am

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Raj Bains meets Shin of DCS!

Momentum is building at an all time high, as news is circulating fast about the new PBN signing, the yet to be unveiled, Raj Bains. The newbie had a chance to meet Shin of DCS and Shin only had kind words to say about the artist.

Having showcased his vocal abilities to Dr Zeus and Jassi Sidhu, Raj Bains now turns his attention to one of the industries most classically trained vocalist’s, the well respected Shin of DCS. Shin said,

“That is a tremendous vocal, very powerful and you have a good range as well.”

Shin was simply overwhelmed with the quality of the 21 year old’s voice. He added

“I have not heard a vocal like that from anybody who’s born in this country”


WOW what a statement! PBN is now putting final preparation’s to both video and single. The debut single of Raj Bain’s is currently weeks away from release so be sure to keep it locked on Urban Asian for more news!

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