Posted on April 4, 2013 at 8:24 pm

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*Fan Alert* Shweta Pandit will sadly not be joining Adnan Tour

Having worked with Shweta Pandit, I can personally assure you that she is not the type of artist to flake out on her fans.  In fact, she is one of the more dedicated artists out there.  She truly loves her fans, her craft (singing), and enjoys every opportunity to perform, entertain, and interact with her fans!  Sadly, however, she will not be joining Adnan Sami on his current “Press Play” US tour.  Despite this, her face has been seen on flyers for the Adnan tour.  Promoters must be cautious to update flyers, posters, social media pages once an artist is no longer part of the tour.  Otherwise, it can possibly harm an artist’s reputation and fan base when one’s fans are mislead into thinking an artist will be making an appearance when he/she is not.  Please see further details below from her management team, which is meant to simply notify her fans that they should not feel disappointed about not seeing her perform, as she did all she could on her end.

543103_484307558286606_480281505_nIt has been brought to our attention by many fans in California-Bay Area, Texas along with many other proposed cities where the Adnan Sami Tour is scheduled that Shweta Pandit’s publicity pictures are being used as a scheduled performer despite the fact that she will not be joining this tour. Many of Shweta’s fans, friends and music lovers are buying tickets, under the impression that she is still coming for this tour. Unfortunately, however, Shweta will not be joining Adnan on this tour. She is not pulling out last minute due to any fickle reasons (personal or otherwise), but sadly has been a victim of circumstance since organizers were unable get P3 petition papers for her visa in time and were also unable to fulfill their financial obligations toward her.

The purpose of this press release is simply to notify fans and friends that she will not be on the tour and to clear any misconceptions about her appearance. Shweta would never pull out of a tour last minute and she really would have loved to be on the tour. However, due to circumstances out of her control, things just did not work out with organizers. So, even though you may see her face still being used on flyers, posters, and other promotion for the tour, please be aware that in reality, she will not be joining the tour. With this press release, Shweta and her team merely want to ensure that her fans are fully aware that she will not be joining this tour and do not show up with the misconception that she will be there.


Like all of you, Shweta was really looking forward to this event to sing and meet you all! In fact, she had blocked out the month of March for this tour for over 4 months and lost many other events, opportunities, and functions she had to attend in India. As you can tell, she was fully committed to being there for this tour and is just as disappointed as her fans, friends, family in the area that she cannot perform for you. In true spirit, Shweta had been so excited and happy to be performing and singing for all of you and had already been rehearsing and finalizing all her music acts. Fans can imagine how disappointed Shweta is, since despite the many hours that she spent planning and preparing for her performances, all the efforts have been wasted as she will not be joining this tour.

Thanks to her friends, who called us [Shweta’s team] 2 days ago and informed that Shweta’s photos are still on in many Indian restaurants, hotels and posters for publicity and even on mediums like Facebook, Event pages and,, etc. [See links and images at end of this press.] However, based on this press, we are hoping that fans going specifically to see Shweta sing live will take note that in reality she will not be joining this tour. Her team is working on getting these posters and sites updated to no longer feature her as participating in the tour.

Hope to see you all friends another time soon!

-Team Shweta Pandit (Mumbai)

Shweta says a big thank you to all her fans and friends in the US and Canada for their never-ending love and support for her music.  She sends her love to you all! (Dallas/Bay Area using her image)  Also, if you scroll down the main image is of Shweta and Adnan.

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