Posted on March 30, 2013 at 8:42 pm

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Biba Singh Releases New Video: Nachne da Cha

Punjabi pop artist, singer, and doctor, Biba Singh just released her newest video for her song, “Nachne Da Cha.” It’s the perfect wedding dance song with its playful lyrics and upbeat video!

Biba Singh started singing at the age of 7 and her first exposure was through the Gurudwara and singing shabads. Being born and brought up in USA, her parent’s kept her connected to the Indian culture and roots.

She tells us that:

“I still remember that my mother would sit with me for hours and encourage and motivate me when i would sing or learn a new song or shabad. Over the years, I participated in multiple cultural programs, and would sing shabads in the gurudwara. The encouragement, love and motivation I received kept me going and I continued to sing in my free time. I had many different teachers for music, but the only constant was my mother who herself is not a singer but sat for hours with me giving me motivation and guidance.”

At the age of 21, she vividly remember Daler Veerji telling my parents that she should do an album because “this was the time and the age”. At that same time, she had gotten admission into medical school in New York, and her parents, who were always very supportive, guided her to continue her education and first “become a doctor”. They helped her come out with a shabad and gurbani album called “Desire for Truth-Saachi Baani”, and recorded it locally in NY with the guide of Ustaad Taari khan. But at that time,  she did not go to India to do a “pop album”. Now she’s on her way to stardom in creating some of the best tracks in the Bhangra Scene!

Biba Singh who is now a full trained doctor is also releasing this video – check it out and tell us what you think! A doctor and singer! That some great talent!



Biba Singh stated: “I wanted to work on something that was lighthearted and fun and true to my beautiful punjabi culture. It is a song that is perfect for the wedding season, sangeets and girls to dance to!”

Watch the video below, and buy it on iTunes today!


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