Posted on February 12, 2013 at 4:54 am

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Zing’s V-Day On Cloud 9

Zing’s British drama series Cloud 9 is about to capture some hearts and shoot a couple of cupid’s arrows this Valentine’s Days – viewers are going to be treated with a special appearance by Celebrity stars between February 11-15.


Cloud 9 is a world of its own and each resident is charaterized in such a unique role. Passion and a bit of Kuch-Kuch-Hota-Hai mix the perfect batter as we start seeing the relationship between Simran, Ajay, and Raj develop further Ajay is a gullible, young bachelor just realizing his responsibilities and what life’s all about as he enters Cloud 9. We see a bolder side of him as he opens up over a few drinks at Nisha’s party. Meanwhile, Johnny (Nisha’s son) and Eddie decide to go on a double date that seems like double trouble after Eddie’s girl is revealed to be none other than Deepti – the girl Nisha was fixing Johnny up with.

Some of the special features of the week include songwriter Navin Kundra and English journalist and TV presenter Tasnim Lucia-Khan Kundra stated,

“Working with the cast and crew of Cloud 9 was a great experience!  It was fun to be amongst the buzz, the hard work and all the talent on the sets and I really enjoyed working with Niki Walia, whom I have been a fan of ever since her role in Astitva.  Zing is doing a great job in taking this initiative to start something that was missing in the Asian entertainment scene and I am very supportive.  I hope you all enjoy my guest appearance in the Valentine’s Special episode on Friday 15 February,  and I’m looking forward to seeing how the story develops.”

Be sure to catch all the action this Valentine’s Day!

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