Posted on February 27, 2013 at 12:08 pm

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Smriti puts her raw vegan spell on Chennai’tes


Smriti Kirubanandan has been a raw vegan fanatic for 6+ years and she’s in Chennai now hosting raw food workshops/ talks to share her knowledge and help people transit to a healthy lifestyle. Her last workshop was in Maverick gym, chennai where she had about 36-40 participants.

It was a 1 hour interactive discussion about raw food, and how it has benefited her and what the real difference between cooked food and uncooked food is. The participants were curious and were surprised by her dedication to leading a clean healthy lifestyle.One of the girls asked ” What do you eat all day long, and isn’t raw food expensive” Smriti explained her diet neatly and also chuckled and said ” The basic money earned is to eat clean nutritious food and have a good shelter, and not tax the body with less nutrient food and dissolve hard earned money by paying medical bills later on” -Of course , she means that one should be cautious and make sure to invest in high-nutrient food.

She covered the topics on eating raw, what vegan diet consists of and how people can go raw in India; she addressed how to look for organic farms, and how to do a natural home treatment to kill bacteria and germs found in vegetables before consuming them raw. It was a passionate, interactive talk which allowed Chennai’tes to rethink what they eat with her simple question ” why do eat Rasam rice ” and one lady answered ” Because we were made to as a child”. She gracefully made people think about what they are consuming and how they should take responsibility for maintaing a healthy life.




She has 3 more talks lined up with the

Chennai Food Guide on February 28th, 2013

The Rotary club of T.Nagar- March 7th

The Madras Rotary club -Coromandel -March 10th

she also has managed to consult a few celebrities and takes personal consultation-


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