Posted on February 22, 2013 at 2:19 am

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Motivational Fitness Icon – Gary Sethi takes South-Asian Community by Storm

The South Asian Fitness Trailblazer, Gary Sethi is taking the UK by storm through his UK Radio Tour, and Media Coverage. So far this year he has dominated the virtual world with daily nutritional and fitness training tips thus his fan-base has exceeded over 30,000. His dedicated followers refer to Gary as “The Inspirational and Motivating Sardar” which has been rather overwhelming for Gary Sethi as it has bought him one step closer to achieving his personal goal as the Motivational Fitness Icon of 2013 for the South Asian Community.

This month saw the release of an Awareness Video created by Gary Sethi and the non-profit organization GetSerious Project; “Stop Sexual Discrimination Against Females” for the run up to International Women’s day on the 8th of March. The Get Serious Project is not just a forum for Health, Fitness, and Nutrition but also an online project whereby taboo issues faced by the South-Asian Community will be tackled. In the very near future, we will see the release of his First E-book on Heart Diseases which will form part of a series of 5 short books set to release throughout the year, all to be written by him. The E-book will be available for free download on his website and Facebook fanpage.


Gary Sethi will also be conducting online competitions to further motivate his fans and others alike to kick-start towards living a healthier lifestyle. As the new year becomes “old” and routine many fall back on their “New Year, Get fit, New Me” resolutions to which he has statistically noticed to be a norm. This has given Gary more of a reason to conduct an onlineGetSerious: 45-day Transformation Fitness Contest which will start early March.

Gary Sethi is set to have a very busy 2013 and hopefully a visit to the UK is set to be on the cards. This UK visit is proposed for early May whereby Gary is expecting to meet and greet his followers through a GetSerious with Gary Sethi: UK Tour. He is set to launch the GetSerious Project of whom he is the Director alongside many other International stakeholders, and will be natural progression for Gary Sethi in serving the community through the organization only.


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