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First Ladydrinks at Henri Bendel’s draws 300 women!

New York is definitely the city that never sleeps, but despite that, networking can still be tricky!  Thankfully, reporter, Joya Dass (read our interview with her here), and her friend, Greta Knutzen, co-founded an amazing monthly networking cocktail event for professional ladies, aptly called “Ladydrinks“.  Thursday February 7th marked the inaugural Ladydrinks networking cocktails at Henri Bendel’s on 5th Avenue in New York City, and was an enormous success!

Over three hundred professional women, many engaged in their own entrepreneurial ventures, showed up with business cards and brochures in hand to share their stories!  Many were moms, returning to the work force with their own small businesses.  Others were professionals in medicine or finance, looking to start their own business on the side.  Regardless of the background of these women, they came ready to mingle and make new contacts, and add to the brain power of the night!

Dass did her best to talk to all who attended, but obviously, with such large attendance it was hard to get to everyone.  Always ready to help others, Dass has come up with the brilliant idea to start a podcast featuring women’s stories on LadyDrinks website to help them network better.  Dass tells us:

“I couldn’t get to everyone, so I’m asking the Ladydrinks membership to reach out to me individually, so I can record a podcast with them about their businesses and what they hope to achieve with it.”

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Ladydrinks is a monthly networking cocktail event intended to bring together like-minded women engaged in or starting a business.  The event happens on the first Thursday of each month.  Co-founders Joya Dass and Greta Knutzen have hosted Ladydrinks since last July and have steadily grown the membership.  Joya Dass is one of the first Indian women on mainstream television. She was overwhelmed how many South Asian women, who have watched her on TV (on AVS, CNN, etc.) for years, came to share their own stories and business ventures with her.

Karyshma Dasadia, a freelance designer with the Gap, was truly impressed and called the event

 “”Phenomenal!”…I made at least 2 new and valuable connections tonight.”

Jyoti Kapoor, a jewelry designer for a brand that bears her own name, called Ladydrinks a great platform to connect with like-minded women.

“Thank you Joya Dass for creating such a fun environment where i had conversations that were inspiring, informative and motivational!!….. I realized last evening that i have to get a new website up ASAP”

The brand expands next month, March 7th, with a Panel discussion series called “SPEAK UP” aimed at answering questions for the modern female entrepreneur with a small business. Featured panelists include Lea Goldman, Features and Special Projects Director, Marie Claire; Scott Schramm, Henri Bendel SVP, GMM; Erin Villardi, The Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College, Alex Woo of Alex Woo Jewelry, and Payal Saha, Founder and owner of Kati Roll.

Bendel’s has been and continues to be a champion of the individual designers.  Many were on hand at the event to talk about their own products.

To share your individual stories about your business, please contact Joya Dass or Greta Knutzen at  Avenue Media & Creative is a full service media production company and is producing the podcast and interview series

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