Posted on February 1, 2013 at 3:47 am

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Daler Mehndi kick starts Red FM’s Bauaa Hawa Mein

The liveliest and most loved sardar Daler Mehndi kick-started ‘Bauaa Hawa Mein’. The on-ground initiative by Red FM had Daler Mehndi & their jock Raunac of ‘Bauaa’ fame casted up in the air for a live show. The radio booth was mounted on a billboard and recorded live from there.


With his great sense of humor and witty one liners, Mehndi enthralled the audiences and the listeners. Mehndi who came directly from a recording studio also released his just-recorded track ‘Mission Love’ during the event. The song with ‘love you love you love you’ chant is aimed at spreading love and making world a peaceful place. Since god preaches love, nature thrives on love, faith dwells on love, and since universe is held together by love, Daler Mehndi’s ‘Mission Love’ ascertains journey of love from transient to a deeper level and affirms to look at everything with love!

It was an elated sight to watch the audiences immediate lapping up to the song and singing and dancing on Daler’s just recorded song. Whilst Mehndi wanted to check the live feedback of the audience, even RJ Raunac went on records to ask for the song to be aired on the radio station. The event was full of laughter and madness as the act got truly colored in the shades of Mehndi. Check out more on Daler on his twitter page at @dalermehndi for more of his upcoming shows! Maybe a tunak tunak come back tour in the USA?

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