Posted on February 10, 2013 at 11:24 pm

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Behind the scenes laughs of Zee’s Dil Dhamaal Dhoka!

Zee TV celebrates Valentine’s Day with not just one but two star-studded shows! Zee plans on showing the humorous side of love with some laugh out loud performances!

Comedy Circus’ Kapil Sharma and Zee TV’s favorite bitiya, Ratan did a spoof in this special episode! The moment Ratan saw Kapil, she apparently begged him not to make any fun of her engagement that had recently broken up. But Kapil being the prankster he is, teased her saying,

“But that’s on top of my and your Swayamvar.. .”

After much sweet-talking by Ratan, he did relent to her wishes but did not spare her entirely. Ratan being the feisty girl she is, took it in right spirit and played along with Kapil!

Ratan and Kapil

Rishabh  Sinha aka the loverboy of Qubool Hai, Ayaan. had a ball romancing Himani Shivpuri. As he is full of mischief in real life, he didn’t have any problems teasing Himani Shivpuri onscreen. Some even said Himani ji blushed like a young girl while doing the act! When an actor suddenly decided to drop out of the shoot at the n-th hour, the crew was in a soup and started looking for her replacement to pair up with Rajiv Varma (Mr. Kaushik) for one of the acts of the event. Fortunately or unfortunately both Neha Laxmi (Najma) and Mrinalini Tyagi (Teju) landed up on the sets at the same time to fill in the vacant shoes. The crew could not say ‘no’ to either and decided to pair up both of them with Mr. Kaushik. Post the shoot, after being thoroughly teased by two young girls, Mr. Kaushik surely returned home as a happy man!

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