Posted on January 26, 2013 at 1:47 am

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Zing's on Cloud 9

Zing’s floating on Cloud 9 after the first 2 weeks of airing Cloud 9, one of the hottest British Asian television broadcasts right now. Most young adults watching it have ranked it high because they are able to relate to the characters of the show; it is realistic and a connection to today’s young-adult-life. It is attracting a vast amount of viewers ages 16-34 and has shown to meet the needs of various types of personalities. This is said to be a very strong start for the show.

Rishi Rich and the cast and crew of the show celebrated the first day together. Rishi Rich has composed and produced the music for the show. He says,

“When I was approached to work on the music score and theme tune for Cloud 9, I was very excited because finally there was going to be a UK soap on TV for British Asians. When I actually sat down to compose the theme tune, I really enjoyed working on it as well as singing it. It was a great opportunity to showcase myself as a musician.”

Many of the faces are new to viewers, but amongst them are Nicki Walia, (who is famous for her character as Dr. Simran in ZeeTV’s Astitva), and Omar Khan (a more recent Bollywood actor).

Here are what a couple others have to say about the show:

Archana Kanade, Zing Business Head,“Zing is going from strength to strength over the last few months. At the end of December, ratings were up by 168% vs. the previous 3 months. Despite the fact that Zing is a lifestyle channel, we have observed that in certain time slots in the day, Zing’s ratings are better than the viewership of other GEC channels. This growth has been spear-headed by the channel’s fast and relevant content. It’s innovative flair has led to the creation of Cloud 9, which is a local drama series designed directly for the viewer. With this move, Zing has ventured into a whole new territory – possibly one that the viewer would have expected from a GEC channel, but it has not been the case so far.”

cloud 9
Valmike Rampersad, Lead Actor in Cloud 9-Ajay, “It is great to hear that so many Brit-Asians are following the show and the support has been brilliant. We hope that everyone can relate to at least one of the characters in some way. The show really is unique in that not only is it the first British Asian drama to be UK produced, but it also doesn’t rely on the stereotypical roles that Asians are often associated with – cab drivers, etc. The whole show could easily be done by a different ethnicity as the story lines are universal. No terrorist plots here! Just some very real stories being told by a passionate cast and crew.”

Make sure to tune in and check the show out yourself and see if it has you drifting on Cloud 9!

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