Posted on January 30, 2013 at 1:18 am

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Rishi and DJ Surinder Rattan ft Metz and Trix – Do It Tonight

British Asian singer-songwriter Rishi, is back with his brand new single titled ‘Do It Tonight.’ The track is produced by one of the most innovative music producers, DJ Surinder Rattan! Check out the promo and grab the track today on iTunes!

‘Do It Tonight’ is a peppy club track, which will definitely have you moving to the hard-hitting beat put together by DJ Surinder Rattan. The beat works perfect with Rishi’s smooth as silk vocals, which in contrast matches well with the catchy and energetic rap by Metz and Trix. The track will definitely appeal to the masses with its innovative sound and with the growing popularity of club tracks. ‘Do It Tonight’ doesn’t disappoint!


Surinder Rattan is the man behind hits like ‘Dil De De,’ ‘OMG’ and one of the biggest tracks of 2012 ‘Has Has.’ DJ Surinder Rattan has once again proved why he is a pioneer in changing the sound of Asian music in the UK and chooses to use his innovation for Rishi’s latest offering. ‘Do It Tonight’ also features talented duo Metz and Trix, who add their magic to the track.

“I am always up for pushing boundaries” says Rishi, “ I would like to continue changing my music style, not being able to put into a genre, and if I can change people’s perceptions on music then that’s even better.”

Born and bred in Wolverhampton, Rishi began writing his own songs at a very young age of just seventeen. Rishi’s love for music began during his school days when he joined the school choir; from then on Rishi has not looked back and was encouraged by his parents to invest into one-to-one vocal lessons throughout school. Being a definitive nineties kid, Rishi has grown up listening to R’n’B, Garage, Rap and Bollywood. His biggest mainstream influences are NeYo, for his effortless transition from writing to singing and Enrique Iglesias, for his persona – these influences are predominant in his music and his style of singing. Watch out for Rishi on B4U Music, who will be the ‘Voice of The Month’ during February for his brand new track.


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