Posted on January 21, 2013 at 1:52 am

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Jhoom with TaZzZ, Words Ali, Menis and Immi!

The multi-talented British Asian artist never fails to please fans, this time TaZzZ Presents his brand new single “Jhoom” featuring Words Ali, Menis and Immi. Check out the hot new video for this new Bollywood infused addicting track! 

The record is produced by TaZzZ, and he is featured on the track as well. TaZzZ is well known for always bringing a fresh sound and creating a unique style of fusion within his music, that is exactly what “Jhoom” is all about. It’s an East meets West vibe being raw, gritty and modern in the same occurrence. TaZzZ states on the track;

“I bring in that desi sound, mixed it all up call it the new Bhangra”.

He also showcases brand new talent on the track with Words Ali who has a very bright future ahead of him, his very own protégé Immi, as well as the ever so experienced Menis, who gives the track a cutting edge. On the whole “Jhoom” is a record that makes you want to sway, dance and rave and everything else you may think of in between. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to be JHOOM-ing this season!

 JHOOM 1450x1450

You can grab the track on iTunes today! Be sure to connect with TaZzZ on Facebook and Twitter!


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