Posted on January 18, 2013 at 11:17 pm

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Hemant Madhukar next movie “Delhi Mafia” on Delhi rape case

There are tragedies in real life that never receive the attention they deserve, no one notices the severity of the issues. This gives eager directors the opportunity to portray these events in reel life to bring attention to worthy causes.


Recently, in West Bengal, India; a woman was gang-raped by seven men after boarding a bus at night. She was dropped off, back to her village the following morning. Police have confirmed that all seven suspects, including the bus driver, have been arrested in Gurdaspur District of Punjab State. A prior rape case also occurred in a bus, just a month before, took place in Delhi, India. This incident involved a 23 year old medical student who was raped and assaulted by six men and then thrown out of the bus along with her boyfriend, who had also been assaulted by the men. The rape victim was being treated in a hospital in Singapore but was announced dead a week later. This innocent girl’s pain and death sparked a fire in India. Many protests have been taking place in honor of the young women affected and Indian women especially, are fighting to gain more rights to protect them.

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The director of ‘Mumbai 125km‘, Hemant Madhukar, has been very upset with the incidents. He wants to show the true story of the Delhi rape case through an upcoming movie, ‘Delhi Mafia‘. He wants to present the film in the perspective of the suffering women in Delhi.Director Hemant Madhukar says,

It is very shameful incident that happened in Delhi which shocks entire nation. My movie is inspired by Delhi rape case I just want to depict the real face of Delhi and how our sister and daughter faces it every day.

Hemant Madhukar spoke out to support the rape victims and said severe punishment should be involved, these women deserve justice. Be sure to keep it locked on Urban Asian for more updates on Hemant Madhukar’s “Delhi Mafia.”

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