Posted on January 8, 2013 at 9:23 pm

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Daler Mehndi commemorated by Damdami Taksal for Rajan ke Raja

There is no doubt that Mr. Daler Mehndi is the King of Bhangra-pop.  However, it’s beginning to look like this singer is also taking over the world of devotional music.  Recently, Mehndi was commemorated by Damdami Taksal and by Baba Hira Singh Ji at Gurdwara Jhulde Mahal for his outstanding contribution to society through his devotional albums.

Baba Hira Singh Ji honoring Daler Mehndi

Mehndi, who has been nicknamed the “Turbaned Tornado”, has plastered the craze of Bhangra on the World Map through chartbusters like Tunak Tunak, Bolo Ta Ra Ra and innumerable other hits. Not only is his music celebrated throughout the world, but it has also served in healing people, especially kids who are autistic, by helping bring smiles to their faces.

The head of the Balle Balle brigade, Daler Mehndi is not just one of the most successful global Indian Pop Stars, but also has mesmerized his audiences with outstanding devotional music.  Mehndi was recently honored by Damdami Taksal for his album ‘Rajan Ke Raja’.  Baba Hira Singh Ji also honored him at Gurdwara Jhulde Mahal.  Located at Amritsar Tarn Taran road in Gurdaspur, the place is blessed by Shri Guru Arjun Dev ji and swings like an elephant.

Mehndi commented,

“People deny miracles in life…most of us believe that there are no miracles..and look at Gurdwara Jhulde Mahal…isn’t it the biggest miracle in our lives”.

When asked about the success of “Rajan Ke Raja”, Mehndi expressed the following,

“Such is the grace of the Bani of Patshah…the more you sing it, more it glorifies you! I am extremely glad that I have such a great platform and audiences who accepts and loves my music and lap it up as their own, croon along and crave for more. This kind of celebrated glorification is possible only with grace. I am blessed! You listen and you too stay blessed.”

Celebrating the primal powers of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the album Rajan Ke Raja consists of sacred hymns from Dasam Granth and has been released on DRecords.  Make sure to get your copy today!

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