Posted on January 5, 2013 at 12:31 am

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Arjun Rampal hates camps!

Bollywood has always been known for its camps – the Yash Chopra camp, Shahrukh Khan camp, Salman Khan camp, etc.  However, some Bollywood celebs like to avoid aligning themselves one way or the other.  One such celeb is model-turned-actor, Arjun Rampal.  Regardless, industry insiders continue to speculate about Rampal’s rapport in Bollywood, and who he most associates with.  While the industry keeps guessing, Rampal claims that he prefers neutrality.

A recent article in a leading tabloid has claimed that Rampal has shifted loyalties – from being on team Shahrukh Khan to team Salman Khan.  Rampal has denied these baseless allegations and stated in response that,

“It’s all nonsense, I am telling you.  First of all, I don’t believe in camps. I just don’t. I am friends with everyone. I know Salman Khan since my modeling days and I have a lot of respect for Shah Rukh as well. But at the end of the day, wherever I go, whatever I do, I do it with my own ability. I don’t need any camps to be a part of.  All the rumors are just plain silly. I don’t believe in camps.”

Rampal prides himself on having good relations with all his co-stars, and firmly believes in working on the basis of the quality of work and nothing else.  The star even tweeted about the same rubbishing all the rumors.

Keeping a straightforward attitude through it all, Arjun Rampal prefers not to play along with such fabrications.  His focus and dedication towards work is a clear indication that his life has no room for unwarranted gossip, nor does it have space for anything but good clean camaraderie!