Posted on December 27, 2012 at 9:09 pm

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The Arranged Marriage Hotline!

“Tired of boring sex hotlines? Try the Arranged Marriage hotline – for the lover in you!”

This is the tagline for a funny new desi YouTube clip called “Arranged Marriage” that’s been gaining popularity online!  If you’re Indian, you’ve probably encountered your relatives trying to set you up on dates, and more likely, in an everlasting arranged marriage!  This clip pokes fun at this phenomenon and is sure to make you laugh!

We asked the creators of the show what inspired them to make this video, and here’s what they said:

“We’ve all seen those cheesy late night commercials for “hotlines” of various types – so we thought: What would the South Asian version of this look like? Instead of it being based on sex, it would probably be based on marriage …and so, the idea for the Arranged Marriage Hotline was born.

The next thing we had to come up with was what “Dirty Talk” would sound like in the world of arranged marriages…there was a lot of cracking up in the process, as you can imagine.

All in all, we thought it would be interesting to present a different take on the arranged marriage (as opposed to the typical idea of it being ‘forced’ onto people): What if an Arranged Marriage hotline was a service that people secretly wanted…?  

1-900-Arranged – Destiny Calling :-)”


  • Lak Rana (Guy on Phone)
  • Alpa Banker (Girl on Phone)
  • Jehan Ratnatunga (Host, Mother, Father)


  • Jehan Ratnatunga
  • Lak Rana
  • Gohulan Sivathasan


  • Jehan Ratnatunga
  • Lak Rana



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