Posted on December 3, 2012 at 6:14 am

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Sullee J (aka At-Tariq) wants you to see "The Light"

Baltimore’s best, rapper Sullee J, whom we’ve featured before on UrbanAsian, is back with a new article that again tries to spread his message of peace.  Titled, “The Light”, the piece seeks to be an illumination upon this world, a brilliance, a radiance, a glow so strong, no darkness can over come it.  This article attempts to define the true essence behind “The Light”.

Sullee J elaborates:

“Most of the time when I’m writing these articles, I just pick up a pen and jot down everything I hear. It is truly a message for the believer, to the seeker of knowledge and truth.”


By Sullee J aka [At-Tariq]

Must I remind you of the eyes behind you? The eyes within and the eye which blinds you. Must I align you, with the eyes that wind you, the eyes above, may Their Light divine you. Must I, define too, that these eyes remain with sign, proof! Isn’t it He that designed you? For, His eye is that which combined the very outline that will time you. The very time which defines you! Every second of every minute shall rewind to unwind and remind you. Countless decrees of mercy have been bestowed upon you. For God is most merciful. He forgets not who He forgave, yet His mercy shows that He makes it as if, He forgets for what He forgave. God is ever forgiving. Repent you may, for He will adjust, He awaits your call, in God we trust.

Headless they are so heedless they act. Little are their thoughts, Oh believers, no need to react. The society of today has baffled these minds, and in return, caused them to become miniature. Self-deceived and self-conceived through beliefs of broken literature. Fools! Many of men make a mockery, monopoly out of Truth! Twisted are their spirits, besieged with wickedness dispute. Curse them in their graves for their withering dictions. Demonizing generations by replacing Veracity with fictions. Listen! Plenty agonized hearts! Muddled thoughts lured by strategized dark. Evil has risen and coordinated the industry. Disciplined the disbelievers and enhanced their idiocy. Plugged into the brains, a material with no efficacy. Why have we chosen to swallow this misery?

Undoubtedly they are in doubt. Questions in their hearts, put questions in their mouth. If Science shows, the people begin to animate it. If God shows, the people become agitated, and call it fabricated. People beware! Of the truth you hear. Follow not what is man-made, but Who made man. Don’t be so haste into believing these, pessimist. For, you will only have dug yourself deeper into a precipice. Surely, it is a sign of the Day, that humanity will conform toward the belief in no God. Surely, people have been enslaved to the word of mass media, and fell for this great deception. This is the beginning, the inception. The time where sheep will be in the spot light, and wolves neglected. The time in which the Truth will be “conspiracy”, and the lie will be reflected. A time where, faith will disappear from the hearts, except from those selected. We must replenish these blind and delinquent minds. The asthenic kind! It’s pathetic how they wear the watch but forget Who invented the time.

In order to stray from this darkness, we must illuminate our soul. In there, lies divinity. The Light! A glow, which reveals as your spirit increases intimacy. Be penitent! Be contrite! Show meekness! Show humility! Pray for your eviction from the devil’s temptation. He will only misguide you, for the benefit of his own elation. His perversion; His allegations; Every time there is birthed a new disbeliever; it is as if, he exerts ejaculation. Liberate yourself from this falsehood! The Truth does not come with doubt. So, cynic if you are of what you were told, keep searching. The Light exists within the abyss of your heart. As for, the Light of all lights, He exists within and beyond the perimeters of all hearts. Radiance with brilliance, an infinite gradient, spreading through the billions of stars. The Light is the Truth, an aura, which is guileless. Simplicity is its structure, God is its stylist.

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