Posted on December 24, 2012 at 8:08 pm

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Pankaj Kapur gets dance lessons from son Shahid for Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Madola!

A former award winning television actor, director and Bollywood cutie Shahid Kapur’s father, Pankaj Kapur is all set to release his next venture, Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola.


Kapur plays the father of Anushka Sharma’s character, Bijlee. He’s portrayed as a wealthy industrialist who’s flamboyant and an alcoholic. Kapur reveals a few more tidbits from the sets of this new flick, keep reading to find out more!


Q: From the released first look of the film, we see you shaking a leg with Imran and Anushka, did you take tips from Shahid?
Kapur: Our choreographers and their assistants helped me a lot with a lot of rehearsals. Shahid did say, ‘Dad, just relax and have fun!’ So that helped me to take it forward.


Q: Was it difficult to pick up the dance movements?
Kapur: Earlier it was difficult, but I later started enjoying it. It’s not something that I have done in any of my films, so it was a new experience. So I basically had to do rehearsals.

Imran Khan as ‘Matru’, Pankaj Kapur as ‘Harry Mandola’ and Anushkaa Sharma as ‘Bijlee’ in ‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’, a FOX STAR STUDIOS presentation, produced by Vishal Bharadwaj Films. Director – Vishal Bharadwaj. Director of Photography – Kartik Vijay Thyagarajan.

Q: How much is the director’s contribution in getting the dance moves right?
Kapur: There was a lot of the director’s contribution as well. As an actor, it is all a matter of how your director says ‘This is how much I can get out of you.


Kapur: Tells us about your future projects.
A: I am open to scripts. I am hoping that interesting subjects come my way. There is a perception that I do certain kind of films. That’s not true. I am open to any good scripts with a good role.


Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj the flick also stars Anushka Sharma and Imran Khan. It’s set to release January 11th, 2013!  Be sue to catch this adorable new love triangle at the start of the new year!

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