Posted on December 6, 2012 at 9:25 am

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Paleo Critics

Currently,  everyone follows a certain diet; they all fit in a different category from the Cookie diet to vegetarians to paleos to raw vegans to binge eating. How do we figure out what we are created to eat? How do we know what gives us a long healthy life? Today, I am focusing on the well spoken Paleo diet and the other extreme raw vegan folks.

What is a Paleo diet? Basically, it is eating meat and vegetables with the assumption that this is what our ancestors ate years back, and the Paleo fanatics insist that eating meat and cooked vegetables is the reason why our brains were bigger and that they had a “longer” life span. First, sure if you want to eat meat or follow the Paleo diet to get in shape as eating meat a.k.a. high protein food burns more calories and cuts down your fat and gets you all ripped and makes you look awesome after you add in a P90X or the Insanity workout. Then go ahead with it. But which ancestors are you following? the ones that ran more than 100 miles/week to hunt for a meal, or the ones who ate insects, or the ancestors who ate fruits and berries and even their own feces?  And, the whole idea of cooking is great! Yummm…warm food, but cooking vegetables evidently reduces nutrient values and destroys the necessary enzymes for a long healthy life. Meat is high in protein and iron, but what about the other essential vitamins, minerals, and elements that are required to fight diseases and maintain a strong immune system.

Now to Raw Vegan Hippies! They basically eat raw vegetables, fruits, sprouted nuts and seeds and no dairy products.  Here, there is no exposure to heat or any source that is known to reduce its nutritional value.  Raw Vegan Hippies avoid dairy products and meat, which are highly processed and injected with unknown hormones which are detrimental to the body. Meat and dairy are not only mucous creators, but research done shows a clear difference in the blood tests taken right after  one eats a raw meal compared to a meaty meal. The blood is much more foggy and thicker for the meat eaters. Can you imagine your heart and colon? Even if you pour in baking soda it would be hard to unclog the years of meat eating. Raw Veggie folks not only happen to have a cleaner bowel movement, but also have better skin and clarity of mind as per studies shown.  Raw Veggies diet has known to cure various health conditions and even reverse stage 3-4 cancer. Heard about Gerson Therapy? Watch it here:

Raw Chef.Juliano and I

Apart from the facts of which cures diseases and makes you poop better. I know! I tried avoiding the word, but hey! it is important. Gorillas and Chimpanzees, that humans evolved from, mostly fed on leaves and fruits and they ate a lot of it. They have a longer life span and are in great shape and hold high levels of intelligence. The human digestive system doesn’t contain high acid levels to digest high amounts of meat, in fact our colon is lined with fibrous hair like structure which is meant to release enzymes for leaves and fruits just like Gorillas, while carnivores have a more solid lining with high amounts of acid produced to digest meat.

“Compare the life of the Zebra and lions. The Zebra definitely lives longer and they sleep less and still have loads of energy while the lion/ lioness eat meat and sleep longer and feel sluggish ” says my friend Chef. Juliano a famous a raw food chef in Los Angeles.

Basically, my point is you can take up any diet that you feel is right for you, but again what makes you look good is not necessarily healthy. Good health / a natural diet is a life long commitment, a long term sustainability and sticking to things which can be eaten at natural state with high vitamins and minerals is a more rational move than eating high protein food when one really doesn’t run around 100+ miles/ week to get that meal.  If you want go paleo then go all the way! Oh see! there is an insect, want to eat it?  Not paleo enough yet?

Paleo or raw Vegan , which ever spectrum you fall into. Realize that good health is not just the external, but also the internal. Peace Paleos!



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