Posted on December 4, 2012 at 6:41 pm

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Mofolactic Creates a Storm with HAA! Australian Producer Ruffles Some Feathers

Bhangra has been the product of India and the UK since its very beginnings, however it seems that Australia might be ready to leave an impression. The recent release of ‘Haa!’ by Melbourne based DJ and Producer Mofolactic has industry insiders talking.

The video for Haa! boldly pokes fun at the seldom-discussed practice of ‘Ghost Production,’ wherein individuals pay legitimate music producers sums of money and then pass off the finished track as their own creation. Disappointed with what he perceived to be a decline in the quality and creativity of Bhangra, Mofolactic says he wanted to shine a light on some of the show ‘ponying’ that is happening in the industry, and encourage some creativity back into the scene.

Mofolactic says: “A lot of the songs and videos we hear these days are essentially clones of one another and after a while it gets boring.”

Haa! was initially set to be on the sound track for an upcoming film that Mofolactic contributed to, titled ‘Save Your Legs.’ The Australian cricket comedy stars Pallavi Sharda who was most recently cast as the leading lady alongside Ranbir Kapoor in the upcoming Bollywood film ‘Besharam.’

The track didn’t make it into the movie. Mofolactic explains:

“At the final edit one of the producers decided he didn’t think the vibe of the song suited that particular scene and so it was cut from the film. I was then left with this finished track that I’d been collaborating on with Dubai based producer G-Ta, and decided it would be a shame to waste it.”

Mofolacticsays that the motivation for the video was not to point fingers or belittle anybody, but instead to encourage aspiring musicians to follow their passion and put in the effort rather than chase the fame.

“For this reason I thought I’d make a video that stayed in line with the lyrics but also had a bit of a laugh at some of the ridiculous behaviour we sometimes see in Bhangra videos”

The video was shot and edited by Pav Dharia, and also features cameos from Dr Zeus and his protégé vocalist Zora.

 Haa! was sung by Punjab based vocalist Amar Singh and will be released on iTunes and also as a free download from his FaceBook page from the 6th December 2012.

When asked why he was selling it as well as giving it away, Mofolactic responded:

“I feel that innovation and creativity should be the selling point – if the listener doesn’t think it’s worth paying for then he or she shouldn’t have to!”

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