Posted on November 8, 2012 at 3:57 am

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The Stranger Family and Culture Shock XOXO Tour Cancelled!

The XOXO tour was setup as a collaboration between Culture Shock and Tiffin Beats Records to showcase both UK and Canadian artists. The Stranger Family was supposed to perform alongside the Culture Shock Trio, but unfortunately the UK Tour has been cancelled.  The two groups had even collaborated to create a track titled XOXO in honor of the tour.


According to a press release from Tiffin Beats Records, ticket sales were very poor. Tiffin Beats Records states that 350 tickets out of 4,400 were sold. Following the Glasglow, Newcastle and Bradford performances, the management decided to cut its loss and cancel the rest of the tour. Tiffin Beats Records states :

“The UK audience were not interested in seeing both sets of artists and ticket sales reflected that.”

Unfortunately, the artists never even made it to their first performance in Glasglow! The bus trailer suffered a puncture and the recovery company took over 2 hours. Tiffin Beats Management was able to get 2 cabs to take the artist the rest of the way. Unfortunately, the artists arrived nearer 1 am and the venue closed at 12:30 am. Despite all efforts the artists were unable to perform. All ticket holders were informed that another gig would be setup so not to let the fans down.

Culture Shock has taken to their blog to post about how they were not paid and faced some unprofessional work from Tiffin Beats Records. The talented artists they are still going to try and tour the UK to perform around the country. Take a look at the blog!


Tiffin Beats responded with a press release with the details, here’s what Tiffin Beats had to say

It is very disappointing that they put a blog out stating that they have received no payment which is a complete lie. The reality is that there was no buzz on Culture Shock in the UK and they did nothing to help create any. Tiffin Beats made a business decision to cancel the tour having suffered a loss of £15k rather than continue making further losses. We were disappointed however in reality only 150 ticket holders were disappointed and they were fully refunded. Culture Shock is only trying to deflect the reality which is the lack of their popularity in UK by trying to target the blame on to the management. They forgot the spirit of collaboration and the vision of accessing new fans and instead have resorted to blame others in the public eye… We at Tiffin Beats are very lucky to have such dedicated and loyal fans and fully appreciate the many messages of support we have received from them and many professionals from the industry.

Who’s side are you on? Tiffin Beats Records or The Culture Shock? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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