Posted on November 15, 2012 at 6:34 am

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TALAASH – Making-of “Muskaanein Jhooti Hain” Video with Aamir/Kareena/Rani Interviews

The jazzy and sultry song “Muskaanein Jhooti Hain” from the upcoming mystery thriller TALAASH has become a smash hit. Now, Bollywood superstars Aamir KhanKareena Kapoor, and Rani Mukherji take fans behind the scenes of the making of the popular cabaret-style video with their on-set interviews. Joining the actors are director Reema Kagti along with the choreographer, costume designer and other crew members who talk about how they broke the mold of Bollywood item numbers with this seductive and classy video which gives a nod to cinema of a past era.

Watch the making-of video at the link below:

Then watch the finished music video of “Muskaanein Jhooti Hain” at:

TALAASH opens in theaters worldwide on November 30.


Seeing reflections of Mumbai under the red light, Talaash is a tale of love lost, fatal attraction and above all the quest to solve a perfect crime. Suspense at its core, Talaash explores Mumbai’s underbelly like never before. Aamir Khan plays an investigation officer, Inspector Shekhawat who receives a phone call early in the morning informing him about death and an accident and how everything starts to unfold from there. The case turns into a life-altering chase for Inspector Shekhawat when he is forced to reel under the repercussions of a broken married life with wife Roshni played by Rani Mukherji and come face to face with his suppressed grief. Being on his investigative quest and fighting it out with personal struggle, Inspector Shekhawat meets a sex worker Rosie played by Kareena Kapoor who further adds shades of mystery to the puzzle. What looks like a simple car accident investigation turns into a haunting mystery as further investigations show many anomalies were stringed to the death of the victim.


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