Posted on November 28, 2012 at 3:37 am

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T-Series Ropes In Mithoon For 3-Film Deal!

It’s usual for one to see solo artists running after Music labels and coaxing them to release their tracks. However, one usually doesn’t see a music giant chasing a composer to rope him in. The latter seems to have happened with music composer Mithoon. It seems that Bhushan Kumar has roped in Mithoon for a 3-film deal!

Apparently, the composer doesn’t play more than a song or two during music sittings. However, when he sat down to discuss the tunes with Bhushan Kumar, Mithoon ended up sharing 7 songs in one go and the Kumar loved them all!

Confirming the reports, Bhushan Kumar jubilantly said,

” Yes its true that I’ve signed Mithoon for three of my films. I was thrilled to hear the songs he played me and I didn’t want to miss even one of them. I can assure you that each one of them will be immortal.”

One can only wait to hear the lovely melodies of Mithoon now!

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