Posted on November 2, 2012 at 6:04 pm

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Interview: The first Lady Nindy Kaur!

Nindy Kaur today is an international artist, wife, and mom who has proved time and time again why she is the First Lady of Bhangra. Lucky for us, Nindy Kaur took the time to chat with us about everything from music to family! We won’t give all the juicy details away, so check out our interview with our host “Dr. Bollywood” a.k.a. Karn Dev with the sensational and amazing singer, Nindy Kaur!


Nindy Kaur was raised in the U.K. and made her stage debut in 2004 when she toured the United States with Sukbhir and Shezad Roy. Soon after the Bhangra artist met Manj of RDB she joined the RDB brothers and the rest is, as they say, history. The group has created hit after hit together and the magic they made on stage transferred behind stage as the romance between Nindy and Manj blossomed. Nindy Kaur even told us the adorable story of how Manj proposed! She went on to mention how hard life on the road is with her son Anoop, but she manages to make time for him no matter what.

Recently the family faced the unfortunate death of RDB member Kuly Ral, Nindy Kaur’s brother-in-law. The loss to the music world and their family is irreplaceable as Kuly Ral is both an amazing artist and wonderful human being. RDB and Nindy Kaur have recently been touring many countries and also showing tribute to their brother, Kuly. Recently, in the UK, at the Brit Asia Awards, the Urban Asian music scene artists held a tribute to Kuly Ral and also awarded Nindy Kaur as one of the best Female Acts.

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Check out Nindy Kaur in ‘Save the World’.

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