Posted on November 25, 2012 at 2:59 am

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DBI – Ni Udaleh [Fly With Me] will make you Fly Bhangra Style!

DBI- Dhol Beat International.  It honestly really does not need no introduction as the group has been awarded winning djs and dhol players that have unprecedented success with the release of various bhangra mix tapes over the years and have established themselves as the top bhangra group hailing from the United States! Well they are back again and this time with more “bhangra fever” that will get you sweeped onto the floor. Hey this might even be a great album for anyone who is into Bhangra! Bhangra has been viewed on many american shows as well and now we have more reason to dance and learn the steps! Well that won’t be a problem as DBI is thrilled to announce the launch of their first single “Ni Udaleh” featuring the vocal talents of North American bhangra sensation Amar Sandhu.

Check out a peview of the album right here! Ni Udaleh!

The Track “Ni Udaleh” aka “Fly with me” was inspired by a heavy schedule of gigs and partying all over the nation resulting in an overwhelming amount of traveling by Air. In many cases Dbi would stay up rocking parties till the sun came up and head straight to airport to catch an early morning flight,  in which many cases were missed!  In the summer of 2011 on a flight back home to Texas, Amar Sandhu was inspired to write a song of his experiences flying on a plane, and metaphorically flying through life performing as an artist who wants to invite 1 special person to join him on this journey.  Amar brought this concept to Dj Impact and together the intoxicating punjabi lyrics along with a hard hitting house vibe was the recipe used to create this years most unique party banger “Ni Udaleh.”

The music video is due to be aired on all music channels and is expected to take over social networks and YouTube.  Early morning, as the alarm goes off after being snoozed numerous times, the DBI boys are faced with the challenge of making it to their flight on time.  The journey begins as they face various obstacles including having to hitch hike their way to the airport picked up by none other than YouTube celebrity Jus Reign, who plays a quirky and high strung individual who also leaves us with a surprise at the end of the video.  From the airport to the club, this music video will keep you guessing and pumping your fists till the very last beat.

“Ni Udaleh” will be featured on the upcoming mix-tape “The VIP Experience,” which will consist of a non-stop array of more than 30 of your favourite VIP Records classics as well as brand new originally produced hits by DBI including exclusive tracks by The Legendary Kaka Bhaniawala, Saini Surinder, and Labh Janjua.  DBI ensures that once you pop this CD into your player the party will be non-stop with bass thumping dhol and that classic party rocking vibe that can only be created by the mix-tape kings, Dhol Beat International.

Ni Udaleh releases on the 29th November 2012! Get ready for some Bhangra Fever action!

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