Posted on October 9, 2012 at 1:55 am

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Pooja Kumar to host and judge at the Varli Culinary Awards!

Vishwaroopam actress Pooja Kumar is a major foodie! The actress has been roped in to judge and co-host at this year’s Varli Culinary Awards!

Pooja Kumar loves to cook ‘Desi’ food and since she has to stay fit as an actress her recipes have a healthy twist. The Hollywood and Bollywood actress was asked to provide some of her recipes for the Varli Culinary Awards. Different chef’s will cook Kumar’s dish and she will pick out the best at the event.

Speaking about her excitement for the event, Kumar said:

My passion for cooking and my love for food developed at a very early age. I insisted that my mother write down all her recipes so that I could one day reciprocate and make her a meal with as much grace, zest and love as she did for us every day of her life. She made cooking an art and I have always prided myself in making cuisines that are tasteful and different. Now as an actor, I tend to eat very little outside and focus on creating my own magic at home and dabble with the many recipes I’ve come up on my own. My meals are extremely healthy and usually take less than 30 minutes to prepare. However, when I host dinner parties I spend hours on creating dishes that my guests have never tried. The Varli Culinary Awards show will be a great forum for chefs to share their secret recipes and excite the crowd with mouthwatering appetizers and entrees. I share their passion and love for food but also in the way it is presented. I’ve always wanted to have my own cooking show and share my most prized recipes with the rest of the world. I have the flare for the unexpected when it comes to cooking and I’m sure the chefs at the awards show will not disappoint us either. I look forward to sharing my passion for food and cooking with everyone on November 15th!

The award show will be held this year in New York on November 15th, be sure to stay tuned for winners!

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