Posted on October 10, 2012 at 12:59 am

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Flirt with Raxstar and DJ Surinder Rattan!

British Asian artist Raxstar, known for hits like “Janeman” and “The Other Man,” has teamed up with the amazing DJ Surinder Rattan, to bring you “Flirt!” Check out the hot new video created by the talented S Sid Ahmed of Stare into the Sun Productions.


The track is much different from anything else we’ve heard from Raxstar previously. This track is a beautiful fusion of Punjabi pop and House music. With it’s addictive beat, brazen and witty lyrics, and Punjabi punchlines the track is one fans will love. “Flirt” originally had it’s exclusive first play on Bobby Friction‘s BBC Asian Network radio show on September 25th. The response was sensational!

Fans were calling in, tweeting and heading to Facebook to request the song to be aired again, Friction had no choice but to play the world exclusive TWICE!


Be sure to get he track from iTunes right now!

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