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Can Social Media find your soulmate? KBC did!

I had the chance to sit down and speak with a young lady by the name of Poonam S. Patel. We sometimes try and find our soul mate although we never seem to figure how and where we would find them. Poonam recently started a group called KBC which allows people to interact through social media, without signing up for such websites that allow people to pay. Sounds interesting, don’t you think?

Well some of our writers are part of this group and we had a chance to sit down with Poonam who told us about the group and where she’s taking this group and how is she bringing  people together to find there soul mate! KBC brings people together to find someone they might be interested in and topics about relationships, family, dating, love and more. Many Indians today are looking for Mr. Right or a Mrs. Right. The means of the Internet are just one form of medium to find them. Take a look at our interview with the founder Poonam S. Patel on how she started the group and how you can join!

Check out pictures as well from across the country as many have KBC meet-ups! Are you looking for your soul mate?

First of, kudos for starting a group around the nation and getting many single people together who are finding a soul mate via online!

UA: What’s your background Poonam and where are you from?

My background is in Fashion Merchandising…and I am from Atlanta, GA.

UA: What made you decide to start KBC?

I’ve always had friends or siblings of my friends ask me if I knew anyone who was single or to introduce them to single people, so instead of going through my Rolodex and asking around…I decided to create this group. I figured I would start out with my single friends who then would add their single friends and eventually it would grow – and it sure has!

UA: Do you think that social media today brings people together in finding their soul mates?

I think so…I think that everyone is ultimately looking for their “soulmate”…but everyone complains about having no time or “this city has no potentials” so they look for love online.

UA: It says in your online KBC group that people will be able to find their soul mates, have mixers or meets been planned to help organize this?

Mixers and meets have been planned so that group members can meet people in person with taking the blind date awkwardness out of it.  It’s a social gathering of new friends, networking, and it could very well be the place where you meet someone that could end up being your soulmate.

UA: Where do you see KBC going in the next 5 years time?

In 5 years .. hmmm I hope KBC has grown even bigger.  I hope there are plenty of success stories that give hope to other members in the group.

UA: Have you ever helped bring two people together and played matchmaking?

I actually have.  I helped a friend from California meet his wife who is from Florida.  They are expecting their second child.

UA: What does KBC stand for and what’s the meaning behind it?

Kharbhari’s Corner. Kharbhari means meddler or middleman. I guess in my case middle woman.

UA: Social Media is a way to meet people along with networking, do you think dating online is safe in today’s society?

I think it can be safe if proper precautions are taken.  Make sure you have gotten to know the person your meeting up with before you actually meet them, location to meet-make sure it is a busy area, go somewhere familiar, appropriate hour is very important too.  There is no sense in going late at night to meet with someone you don’t know personally.  Carry mace or pepper spray ladies!

UA: What are some fun icebreakers that get the people in the online Facebook group hyped?

The group is usually involved in a lot of various topics.  They comment on things from in-law issues, kids, favorite food, places to live, bad dates, dos and don’ts… the list goes on.

UA: If someone wanted to meet someone in the group and didn’t know how to get a hold of them, what ideas would you recommend and is there a contact person to reach if a male or female is interested in that particular person?

Well anyone from the group can contact any of the admins in the group.  I am more than happy to help.  It’s usually best when that person contacts the person they like directly.  It takes the whole waiting game out of the way.

UA: Would you like KBC group to turn into a website hopefully one day, an Indian matchmaking service?

Maybe. In comparison to other dating website, this is less formal.  So many people including myself have made new friends out of it.

What demographic area (North America, India) and age group are allowed in the KBC group and where can people join?

Any demographic area is welcome. Age group- well I prefer the age group that is curious about finding a spouse. That age group can be from 23 and on.

UA: Any last comments for our readers who want to join KBC and find out more information on finding their soul mate?

Its easy to join.  You never know who you are going to meet or what kind of connections your going to make.  All you have to do is try.  For more information email

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Thanks so much for speaking to us at UrbanAsian – we wish you the best of luck on this new venture!

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