Posted on October 8, 2012 at 1:36 am

Music What's Happenin'

Ajaxxx and Arpit G team up for some… Nightmares?

New Jersey music producer Arpit G teams up with Ajaxxx, and R&B artist, The Rebel to create “Nightmares Remix” Take a listen to the track right here!

The track has a hip-hop/electro beat, combining smooth R&B vocals with the turbo-fast rapping of Ajaxxx!

Talking about the collaboration, artist Ajaxxx said:

“When I first heard the track, I loved the energy and catchiness of it. And of course, I’ve been wanting to collaborate with AG (Arpit G) for awhile now and this was the perfect opportunity!”


What did you guys think of the track? Be sure to let us know!


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