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Spoofhmania Announces International Short Film Competition

India’s first Short Films Festival on Spoofs is calling for an international short films competition! Filmbooth, a Delhi based short films organization announces the CALL FOR ENTRIES for SpoofhMania, a festival celebrating spoofs and parody.  This ‘One of a kind festival’ is scheduled for early Nov ’12 and promises entertainment, creativity and humor galore. SpoofhMania will launch at New Delhi and Mumbai.

SpoofhMania is now inviting short films from ALL filmmakers for its International Short Film Competition. The idea is to bring out the best of spoofy work there is, globally, and reward all the spoof film makers for their passion,creativity and love for the genre. There is no restriction on the filmmaker for the theme he/she wants to spoof on – any parody, imitation, or a funny take on any conventional aspect of life, will be welcomed. However, Filmbooth will select those entries that are works of fiction, parody, done strictly for amusement and which stay within the realm of creative mockery.

Speaking on this launch of SpoofhMania’s Short Film Competition, Gaurav Raturi, cofounder, Filmbooth, shares:

“We have finally kick-started the campaign and are looking forward to some really mind-blowing, crazy films & viral videos, which will surely take everyone by surprise and will leave behind all the present ‘unorganized’ viral videos making the rounds. With a wide theme base and plenty of indie filmmakers globally raring to showcase their talent, the creativity & humor is bound to find different ‘forms and shapes’. We are really looking forward to watching the work coming our way. I urge everyone (who is fond of humor) to follow this festival as it shall be the one-stop-shop when it comes to spoofs.”

Sharing on the same lines, Mohak Mathur, co-founder, Filmbooth, adds:

“Over the years, Filmbooth has brought together several filmmakers and promoted their work in the public space. In addition to showcasing some of the most remarkable films, Spoofhmania will become a unique platform for all spoof-lovers who can interact & exchange thoughts and ideas about common subjects of interest, and this may give birth to innovative works and collaboration in the future. This is the time for our filmmakers to do their bit; our real and most challenging work starts soon after, when the films are reviewed and selected by the ‘Ministers of Spoofs’ (an expert jury) on the basis of creativity, ‘originality’ and hilarity.”


Deadline: The last date for submission of competition entries is 15th October 2012.
Prizes – Worth INR 50,000. Best Films will travel to multiple cities and screenings apart from the Festival, which will be at a premium venue in Delhi and Mumbai. Also best films will get a DVD release apart from other monetization for Short Filmmakers for their work.

For Submissions and Further Details: To take part and submit your entry to SpoofhMania’s International Short Film Competition, please download the Brief for Filmmakers as well as the Filmmaker Form, available on the homepage (, and send it to Filmbooth before 15th October2012.

Further details on the festival and submission guidelines can be obtained at,Facebook page:, or Via email:

Film Competition – Gaurav +91 9971990162
Partnerships – Mohak +91 9818093953
Media – Isha +91 9810213633

The World is coming to an end… Let’s celebrate SPOOF it while we can!


Competition Categories

There are two categories:

  • XTRA XTRA LARGE – Less than 5 minutes.
  • XTRA LARGE – Between 5 and 30 minutes.

Popular Subjects One Can Spoof:

  • Cult Films / Superstars / Iconic scenes / Hot Gossips
  • Hollywood/Bollywood/Tollywood/Jolly-Good!
  • Sports, other than cricket & soccer
  • Pop-culture / Famous Bands / Songs
  • Politics / Bureaucracy / News-makers
  • Sitcoms / TV shows / Anchors / Breaking News
  • Fashion / Brands / Taglines
  • Advertisements / Print-ads / TVC’s
  • Office office: Corporate life / Office jargons
  • Popular Novels / Plays / Idioms / Phrases
  • Comics / Superheroes / Cartoons
  • Anything & Everything – This is for all xtra creative people: Pick any category under the sun!

Having conceived one of the most exciting & awaited film festivals of the year, Filmbooth hopes for global participation at SpoofhMania, and is confident about seeing some outstanding film submissions, enthusiastic audience and pure entertainment for all who are involved. Keep it locked on Urban Asian for more updates on SpoofhMania! 


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