Posted on September 9, 2012 at 9:55 pm

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RKZ wants to know Are You Down?

Power Trippin’ is the new EP from UK-based singer/rapper, RKZ, released September 9, 2012 via the RKZ Bandcamp page. The talented young artist from Luton also released the music video for the track “Are You Down” off the new EP.

Check out the music video produced by S. Sid Ahmed!

The EP – produced by ADP – is a culmination of R&B top-lines and Hip Hop verses over a destructively powerful Dubstep foundation. A retrospective look on his career thus far: a more mature yet far-from-sensible RKZ takes to ADP’s powerful production with ease to discuss the 4 Ps: Passion, Peace, Positivity and Patience.

Channeling the 4 Ps may help people overcome the obstacles faced. The music, message and thought behind the movement is specifically made to heighten your understanding of the world, and spirit – making you realise that the only person stopping you from achieving, is you.

Advocating a positive mentality, destroying pessimism and letting the world know that you are here, and are ready to seize it. The music is powerful, driven, and bursting with the message of seizing power. Embrace the message and do not let anything stop you from reaching your destination.

RKZ’s message is clear, powerful and worth listening to so be sure to catch his amazing new EP out now! 

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