Posted on September 11, 2012 at 3:30 am

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Introducing Kiran Shergill and her ChoKolate Soda?

The sexy Kiran Shergill, now known simply as K, is ready to dip her toes into the music scene after years of modeling, acting, television hosting and dancing! K has just been signed to a Canadian record label, Hi Bias Records, and she’s released the new music video for her debut single “ChoKolate Soda!” Check it out!


With such a versatile career preceding her musical debut fans are sure to expect much more from K as a singer. The music video is artfully created with an amazing detail in costuming. K‘s outfits have clear influences from today’s pop stars like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj and K definitely looks gorgeous. You can even catch K bust out some dance moves showing of her skills. The choreography was done by Ed Moore, who’s worked with the likes of Usher. Rujata Vaidya who’s worked with top artists as well, including Britney Spears and Black Eyed Peas, also choreographed the video. The track itself is a blend of pop, dance and electronic beats.


 K’s career originally began with dance, she danced for artists on tour, in music videos and for stage shows. She’s already worked with some of the music industry’s most talented artists like Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Robin Thicke, and Shakira! She  slowly started acting in commercials and feature films which lead to becoming an online and television personality. You’ve probably seen K hosting shows on ImaginAsian TV, Desi You, AVS TV, Zee TV and even Desi Hits! Muti-tasker that she is K is also a professional model! K‘s already gained fame from her print advertisements, magazine shoots and runway fashion shows.

It wasn’t until 209when she bumped into British producer J2 on a flight back to LA from London when her singing career began. J2 saw a star in Kiran Shergill and with that K was born. J2 gave her the freedom to create her music her way with her own lyrics. With the blend of J2’s hit compositions and K’s versatile background, fans will be curious to see what this duo has up their sleeve next!

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